When you go to the room to change she wants you to touch her

Also, last february only a month into our relationship i logged on to his myspace and caught him sending messages back and forth to some other girl!! (he said “girl where have you been all my life” blah blah blah) he doesnt know it but i now have his myspace password (i know, its wrong) […]

But his efforts came amid a broader campaign in Alabama that

I feel really embarrased by this, but I watched her VH1 behind the music thing the other day(I was very bored). Go figure. Its a first for her (she did co write 3 on the third). I am not fully informed on the characters you mention so i will go over your claims alone. From […]

Now that I stopped talking to him (and he hasn’t talked to me

This pair of balls is meant to be used vaginally as a stimulator and exerciser. These may look like anal balls penis pump, but they aren’t. If you are looking for safe anal play, a different item will be better for you. I agree that it’s messed up, though sometimes I find myself frustrated by […]

In it, Hill refuses to shy away from topics often left

Sometimes, a partner may feel jealous or insecure when the other partner suggests using (or says they are already using) sex toys. To be clear, if anyone is genuinely frightened or made uncomfortable by using certain toys , then they other partner needs to just accept that. Just like we just need to accept it […]